PhotobucketHere we have Nika Movenka, a big bust model from the early seventies. Who appeared in many gentleman's magazines within her time. I decided on this photo due to the composition of her and the way I have put the circles. Again mirroring that of a pole dancer, spinning round the pole... I have been looking at other possible photos that I am going to use and trying to whittle it down to three of four photos. All from vintage gentleman's magazines. I find it interesting that photos I have found look like they could be from some high fashion magazine we get in shops now, and how the poses, fashions and expressions are all coming back from the past. I like the fact that her breasts and crotch are abstracted, as this is almost how they used to dance when the first strip club that Laura Henderson and Vivian Van Damm first invented, in the way they had to cover themselves with feathers as they could not move about in the nude.